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SeeMore OB GYN ver 2.0.03

For Platform 1 Probes:

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SeeMore OBGyn/General ver 4.2.1

Turn Your Laptop into an Ultrasound Imaging System*
* Viewing only – must have SeeMore Probe to create new images

Download SeeMore OB GYN w/ ref. scans, presets, manuals, help videos – ver 4.2.1
(96 MB) password = 92287421

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Version Information
This version of SeeMore is for OB GYN applications and includes basic distance measurements, as well as the calculation of Gestational Age based on Crown Rump,Gestational Sac, Femur Length, Head Circumference, Abdominal Circumference, Bi-Parietal Diameter, and Amniotic Fluid Index . Bladder Volume calculation is also included.  Contact Interson, or your distributor, for SeeMore’s Veterinary version and / or Urology version that includes Bladder Volume and Prostate Volume calculations.

Software Download / Installation Instructions

SeeMore automatically installs on Windows 7, and Windows 8.

Be sure to unplug any probe(s) prior to installing the software.

When prompted, choose “Run” to install the software. You will be presented with many choices during installation. When presented with these choices you can use the defaults, or if you are an experienced Windows user you may chose to select your own custom settings.

Right Click here and select “Open in New WIndow”
to view the SeeMore installation instructions

After installing SeeMore, and before launching the SeeMore application, connect your probe(s) to a USB 2.0 port. Windows will recognize your USB probe and install the neccessary driver. After installing the driver, Windows will prompt “your USB device is ready for use”. You are now ready to launch the SeeMore application. Launch SeeMore and allow WIndows to again recognize your USB probe(s) and install the second and final USB probe driver.  Note: Windows will install the above drivers for each USB port that has a probe attached. Once this second driver is installed for each USB port that has a probe attached, SeeMore will load and you can begin to image!

If you are downloading SeeMore to evaluate and you do not yet have your SeeMore probe(s), you can view any included scans by pressing the button “Load Cine” and selecting the folder “Stat Images” or contact Interson for reference images.

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