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At SeeMore Imaging Canada we are dedicated to meeting the needs & expectations of physicians and clinicians with respect to point-of-care ultrasound. Years of hands-on experience in the field has shown us that good imaging capability in a portable and affordable format opens up a world of opportunities for enhanced patient care.

SeeMore.  Do more.  For your patients.


Point-of-care Ultrasound Course for G.P.’s on June 2 & 3rd in Mississauga ON

March 26, 2018 | by SeeMore

EDE for Family Medicine is a one day, hands-on ultrasound workshop especially designed for Family Doctors. Participants access the didactic component ahead of the course date. This is done through a series of on-line texts and videos, which are strictly focussed on what you need to know. This means the...
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SiMPLi Array Probes | SeeMore Imaging

New Product Release: Interson SiMPLi Series Linear & Convex Array Probes

October 15, 2017 | by SeeMore

We are very pleased to announce Health Canada approval and the resulting introduction to Canada of the Interson “SiMPLi” series linear and convex array probes. As with our well-known SeeMore line, the Interson SiMPLi series are USB ultrasound probes that connect directly to standard Windows laptops, PC’s and tablets for a turn-key...
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